The Sayre Series™
Musicianship Workbooks

Musicianship Workbook One is a combined beginning theory workbook, beginning ear-training workbook, and beginning scale book. It teaches the essential rudiments of musicianship through balanced introduction to and careful reinforcement of intervals, key signatures, scales, triads, cadences, ear-training, and dictation.

Musicianship Workbook One offers music teachers and music students a pragmatic method for achieving significantly more complete, better-balanced, higher-quality beginning musical training. It bridges the disconnect between applied instrumental lessons, ear-training, and “music theory.” It also combines reading and writing with playing, singing, and active listening — which results in more complete understanding and more satisfying experience. Musicianship Workbook One is perfect for use in tandem with your favorite instrumental method:

• Reward Stickers Included !
• Beginning Scale Book
• Beginning Theory Workbook
• Beginning Ear-Training Workbook
• Coordinated Private-Lesson and/or Classroom Use
• Multiple Student and Multiple Instrument Collaboration

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What Makes This Book
Different than The Rest?

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