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The Sayre Series is a catalogue of Musicianship Books and related pedagogic materials developed to cultivate balanced basic musicianship in early-to-intermediate-level music students of various ages. All materials in The Sayre Series are designed with four objectives:

  1. Facilitate and support substantive general music education
  2. Unify study of applied instrumental lessons, ear-training, and music theory
  3. Bridge pedagogic disconnect among various musical instruments, teachers, and curricula
  4. Enable and support collaboration among students, teachers, private lessons, group lessons, classrooms, and ensembles

The Sayre Series is endorsed by The American Musicianship Suite. All materials are edited and vetted by a distinguished board of professional musicians, performers, and pedagogues and refined through practical application in classrooms and studios.

Why Use The Sayre Series?

The Sayre Series offers music teachers and music students of various ages a practical method for achieving significantly more complete, better-balanced, and higher-quality beginning musical training. It bridges the disconnect between applied instrumental lessons, ear-training, and “music theory.” It also combines reading and writing with playing, singing, and active listening for more satisfying experience and more complete understanding. The Sayre Series is endorsed by The American Musicianship Suite, and it is perfect for use in tandem with your favorite instrumental method. It also offers:

• A Beginning Theory-and-Ear-Training Workbook
• Multiple Student and Multiple Instrument Collaboration
• Coordinated Private-Lesson and/or Classroom Use
• A Beginning Scale Book

Educational Philosophy

Three pedagogic principles unify the design and construction of all works in The Sayre Series:

  1. Integrated presentation of the materials of music
  2. Organic growth of awareness and skill methodically cultivated over time
  3. Active, synergistic engagement and reinforcement through multiple, varied stimuli

These principles unify all works in The Sayre Series and combine reading and writing with playing and singing for integrated reinforcement and more complete understanding. Active engagement with the elementary materials of music—through notating and vocalizing musical sounds, through playing them on instruments, and, above all, through ongoing synergistic engagement—results in dimensional learning, satisfying experience, and richer understanding. This philosophy is the derivation of The Sayre Series motto—“Read it, write it, play it, sing it!”—which is a summation of The Sayre Series pedagogical philosophy and approach.

Mission Statement & Motto

The Sayre Series mission: to strengthen general public education for all, to enable and facilitate cultural enrichment for all, and to elevate musical pedagogy. The Sayre Series Motto: “Read it, Write it, Play it, Sing it!”