The Sayre Series™ Philosophy

Scales, cadences, and arpeggios are the foundation for technical development, but “scale books” often overwhelm beginners, who are mostly concerned with learning the topography of their instrument, sharps and flats, elementary fingering, and rudimentary technique.

Most “music theory books” are inappropriate for beginners, too. The majority offer hurried, dense introductions to the elementary materials of music and woefully insufficient reinforcement of the concepts. Structured practice of key signatures, intervals, and triads is typically inadequate, rudimentary ear-training is usually more gesture than method (if it’s covered at all), and the concept of harmony is often ignored altogether.

Musicianship Workbook  One  remedies these shortcomings. It provides beginners with an excellent “beginning scale book” — while shepherding mastery of the elementary materials that are commonly referred to as “music theory” — and it provides a superb introduction to rudimentary ear-training and harmony.

Musicianship Workbook One bridges disconnect between applied instrumental lessons, ear-training, and “music theory,” and it enables collaboration among a plurality of students, teachers, instruments, and methods. It also combines reading and writing with playing, singing, and active listening for integrated reinforcement, dimensional awareness, and richer understanding.


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