You can help The Sayre Series and strengthen music education by donating and spreading the word. We are a small organization comprised exclusively of professional musicians. This means we are nimble enough to make changes to pedagogic materials that offer students and discriminating teachers the very best materials available for substantive, meaningful music education; however, it also means that our reach is short. Our presence is vanishingly small compared to large publishing houses with resources to drive branding, promotion, and marketing—and entrenched organizations, which sometimes select for practices and materials based on institutional self-preservation and well-being.

The Sayre Series makes decisions based on strengthening public education, enabling cultural enrichment for all, and elevating musical pedagogy. This is our mission. It is also our promise. All donations go directly toward expanding our reach and researching, writing, and printing our catalogue. Anything you give is genuinely and deeply appreciated; you can always help simply by spreading the word about The Sayre Series, too! We extend our sincere and earnest thanks to you for your interest and support.