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The Sayre Series History

The Sayre Series’ genesis was composer/pianist Paul D. Sayre’s creation of custom materials for cultivating authentic, meaningful, well-rounded musicianship with early-to-intermediate-level students. Sayre’s pedagogic materials increasingly were requested by a growing cadre of musicians and pedagogues. Subsequently, Sayre’s materials were organized and expanded into a formal catalogue. The Sayre Series[…]

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About The Sayre Series

  Cornerstones of The Sayre Series The Sayre Series is a catalog of pedagogic materials for cultivating balanced musicianship in early-to-intermediate-level music students. All materials in The Sayre Series are designed with four objectives: 1. Unify study of applied instrumental lessons, ear-training, and music theory2. Bridge pedagogic disconnect among various[…]

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Music Training and Neuroplasticity

“Music is one of the most demanding cognitive and neural challenges, requiring very accurate timing of multiple actions, precise interval control of pitch not involved in language, and multiple different ways of producing sound. Auditory and motor actions influence each other in a constant interplay, which is largely unknown. This[…]

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