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About The Sayre Series


Cornerstones of The Sayre Series

The Sayre Series is a catalog of pedagogic materials for cultivating balanced musicianship in early-to-intermediate-level music students. All materials in The Sayre Series are designed with four objectives:

1. Unify study of applied instrumental lessons, ear-training, and music theory
2. Bridge pedagogic disconnect among various musical instruments, teachers, and curricula
3. Facilitate and support collaboration between and among students, teachers, private lessons, group lessons, classrooms, and ensembles

All materials in The Sayre Series are edited and vetted by The Sayre Series’ distinguished board of professional performers and pedagogues and perfected through practical application in classrooms and studios. Cornerstones of The Sayre Series catalogue are the Musicianship Workbooks for various instruments, which offer an integrated approach to presenting, teaching, learning, and reinforcing scales, cadences, arpeggios, key signatures, intervals, triads, ear-training, dictation, and music calligraphy. The Sayre Series Musicianship Workbooks are designed to:

1. Compliment all strong instrumental methods
2. Function as both a ”beginning scalebook” and a beginning “theory workbook.”
3. Unify a plurality of musical curricula and instrumental methods



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