What Is The Sayre Series?

The Sayre Series™ is a collection of teaching materials designed to cultivate basic musicianship and musical literacy (including music theory and aural skills) in early-to-intermediate level music students of all ages. Cornerstones of the series are the Musicianship Workbooks, which are designed for use as companion to any instrumental method.

The Sayre Series Musicianship Workbooks can be used by any competent music teacher and require no special training. Teachers need only follow the directions provided at the front of the book to achieve strong, balanced, basic musicianship and musical literacy with their students.

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Give your students a gift they will never forget;
use The Sayre Series Musicianship Workbooks in your studio!

— Mary Martell
Alberta Ballet Pianist
Private Studio Owner & Teacher

The Sayre Series is a long overdue and exciting new approach to the teaching of elementary musicianship and musical literacy. Its advantage is monumental… The Workbooks are far and away the best materials I have seen for cultivating basic aural skills, theory skills, and musical literacy with beginning- and intermediate-level music students — and they are designed to be used with a variety of instrumentalists and to work equally well in individual and group settings. There’s nothing quite like these books. They’re designed simply and masterfully and represent major advancement in music education in The United States.

— Dr. Sylvan Kalib
Ph.D. Music Theory, Northwestern University
Protégé of Oswald Jonas (Primary Student of Heinrich Schenker)

The Sayre Series™ is endorsed by The American Musicianship Suite.™


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