Tenor Clef Flash Cards


Tenor Clef Flash Cards

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Now you can have your very own set of Tenor Clef Flashcards! The Sayre Series™ offersTenor Clef Flashcards to students, teachers, and parents for free! To download these cards, simply go to the main toolbar and select Free Materials. Choose Tenor Clef Flashcards from the list and click to download.

Answers are in tiny print on the front of each card. Write the answers on the back of the cards for easy practice with friends, family, and teachers. We wish you luck, but you don’t really need it—with a little effort and practice, you’re going to know all the treble clef notes in no time! Enjoy your new cards, and enjoy learning!

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The Sayre Series™ offers Tenor Clef Flashcards to students, teachers, and parents for free! For best results, print the four pages on card stock or heavy bond paper. To ensure that each flash card is the same size, choose “print to actual size” from your printer’s setup menu. (Do not choose “fit to page” and do not print double-sided). Once you’ve printed all four pages, simply cut along the dotted lines to make your own set of Tenor Clef Flashcards!

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